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Your fitness - 25th October, 2021.

Strength has always been an integral aspect of growing up. The definitions of strength have always been different for individuals; for some, it's mental, physical for some, and emotional for others.

We all covet and want strength, but we often forget that the path to be strong doesn't come from training one aspect of your life but many. That is what it means to be fit.

Fitness has always been a goal to aspire towards- where athletes and superstars propagate their ideas as the perfect ones.

Yet, we all seem to forget that being fit is a very personal and subjective experience.

Being fit means doesn't mean running a marathon or winning

Gold medals or having a six-pack, but rather, it means to live with vitality, vigour, and energy. When we develop ourselves mentally too and not just physically, then it means we are fit.

Fitness has always been a holistic approach, and it has never been singular. It is such a large and broad concept but so easily understood and even acquired.

When you start taking care of your body, your mind responds to it positively, and when you take care of your body, your mind does the same.

Finding your definition of what makes you fit is necessary. Your personal goals and aspiration for fitness are different from others; when you start working out, you may not have any idea, but as you grow, you begin to realize your wants and needs.

When you inevitably understand these goals, your view on what being fit is will change. You will find yourself opening up to new avenues physically and mentally.

Fitness is whatever you make of it. The physicality, the state of your mind, and emotions are all in your hands. All you have to do is just start. Starting your journey towards fitness will solve this large puzzle whose piece seems to always be missing. It is just a matter of time.

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