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Work Fatigue, overcome it! 05th November, 2021.

Working is fun and very rewarding. Everyone does their best to do it; exercise, study, pursue our career goals, and all the things we define as “work.”

But why do we always find ourselves falling short? Why do days where we don’t want to work come along? And why do these days seem like they persist?

Is it because we are lazy? Or because we are unmotivated? Is it because we are losing track of our habits? Well, many factors contribute to this dullness that we feel.: Burnout, physical tiredness, Comfort, lack of clear goals, and lack of variety, among many other things.

So how do we overcome this feeling? It sounds easier than it is- we have to begin to change our perspective on the matter and start.

Once you do that, once you begin, your body knows how to do the rest, but to begin and to change how you look at the problem is one of the challenging things we feel we can do.

During our research for this topic, we found that a lot of self-help pages recommend changing your routines, going out for a change in scenery, playing games, and calling friends over to do so too.

They tell you to change your external and internal perspective of your routines.

In the end, we have to make a choice- what do we do with these feelings of inertia? Do we continue to stop our motion, or do we decide to make changes? Will it be easy? Not at all, it is challenging, but that is where the fun lies. Only we can choose. These tests of life will always fall upon our heads.

There are times where you have to choose to push, and there will be times where you have to choose to rest. When we understand how to achieve balance, we stop worrying about what to do and do.

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