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What is minimalist nutrition?

In a world driven by an extra of everything, minimalism has taken over the world by storm. Put simply, minimalism is a tool that one uses to let go of the excesses he possesses. For example, if you need only 5 shirts as part of your office dress code, you refrain from buying 10. Simple! (Think - "Less is More") This trend has evolved beyond simple room decluttering, and has attached itself to processes like thinking, cooking, fashion, stationery, and more!

The pandemic and subsequent lockdown have changed our lives in more than imaginable ways. Hoarding of food, medical equipment, and even fuel is now widespread. Many of us have to make do with the least amount of resources, with a minimalist approach.

When we think of good nutrition, we don't always have to think about elaborate salads, full-course meals, and expensive ingredients. We can get the healthiest meals with the simplest and most basic of ingredients, all with a minimalist diet!

A minimalist diet uses simple and common ingredients to create highly nutritious and healthy dishes. When you're sick, a big bowl of khichdi that nurses you back to good health is the best example of this.

Minimalist eating is something more than a few celebrities have worn by, so why not try it out yourself!

Here are a few general rules to help you eat minimally, and benefit from the goodness of those meals!

Work on creating staple meals

Know how to whip up the perfect soup? Add it to your list of go-to, easy-to-make meals. This list will make sure that you don't sit in your kitchen, scratching your head. Five to fifteen such meals that don't take much thought and ingredients to make are the recipe for success (pun intended) Take a bowl of healthy khichdi for example!

Single-ingredient meals are your lifesavers

Using just one or two base ingredients for your meal doesn't have to be a far-fetched dream anymore! Using superfoods like vegetables, lentils, rice, etc., ensures that you benefit from ALL the nutrition the ingredient has to offer. What's more, you minimize your food waste and eat fuller, more wholesome meals! Remember one-ingredient lockdown meals?

Keep your flavors simple

Thanks to the wide variety of spices available in any Indian household, sticking to a few simple yet tasty flavors shouldn't be difficult. The trick here is not to go over-the-top for any dish you make. A few cheat days filled with extravagant flavors are completely fine, but otherwise, eat as simple as possible. Here's a list of the spices you can use to the fullest!

Use foods that aren't packaged

Eating minimally focuses both on eating healthy, and creating less waste from packaging. Stay away from packaged fruits, vegetables, and other unhealthy fried food. Instead, buy fresh produce from the local seller, and make healthy alternatives to foods like chips. (Think beet chips, radish chips, carrot sticks) Staying away from pre-processed foods can be a boon. Say goodbye to stuffing food boxes in your fridge!

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