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What are the benefits of Yoga?

This week's blogs have all been about Yoga - the various styles, common myths, and more! This blog is the last one in the series and is here to inspire you just before International Yoga Day on the 21st of June!

We at VyomFit have something super special lined up for you on the 21st, so make sure to stay tuned!

Yoga is a discipline that has been around for ages. Literal ages. While the core components of the discipline have stayed the same, there have been various styles and characteristics that have been introduced.

These changes include the introduction of different props, the founding of style such as goat(!), and aerial yoga (go check them out, you'll enjoy it). But every single person who is a disciplined Yoga practitioner has agreed on one thing - the benefits of Yoga are unparalleled.

Take a quick look at the various, various benefits this discipline brings to the table!

Tremendous improvement in strength, flexibility, and balance

This goes without saying, as the various asanas that Yoga includes condition the body to be as flexible, strong, and balanced as possible.

Regular practice of asanas and breathing exercises has helped people see changes in the way they walk, sit, balance almost immediately! (But remember, you have to be regular)

It helps improve heart health

Almost miraculous recoveries of patients suffering from heart issues are commonplace in the world of Yoga. The breathing exercises and rigorous physical exercise not only keep the heart healthy but also boost lung capacity!

Studies have shown that people who practice Yoga regularly have better heart health than those who don't!

It helps you sleep better

Do you spend countless nights tossing and turning in your bed? Well, skip the insomniac nights and turn to Yoga! Practicing Yoga regularly helps children, adults, and the elderly sleep much, much better at night.

It helps manage stress

Ah, the eternal favorite. From bustling corporates to busy mums, everyone is turning to Yoga to keep stress away. Not only does Yoga help you lead more stress-free days (and nights), but also helps you focus and concentrate better!

It boosts energy

You'll never have to touch that sugary energy drink again! Yoga exercises help one lead a fresher, more energetic day because of the refreshing bodily poses and breathing exercises. You can easily expect a fresh, spring-in-you-step kind of day once you turn to Yoga!

It eases arthritis symptoms

Arthritis is a disease that plagues people across diverse backgrounds. Yoga has helped many of these people ease and get rid of those pesky joint aches. Yoga has helped various ex-athletes get back on track after an injury or break in their career too!

It is a powerful mindfulness practice

Apart from all the physical benefits of Yoga, there come emotional, mental, and spiritual ones too! People who have been practicing Yoga report better emotional stability, peace of mind, and better mental states! Various styles of Yoga, including Kundalini Yoga have been used to treat psychological disorders too! Talk about a miracle discipline!

This blog can go on for another 1000 words, talking about all the benefits of Yoga. But, for the sake of your eyes and our keyboards, it won't. Now that you know all the incredible benefits Yoga has in store for you, what are you waiting for?

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