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Weights make you mobile - 7th October, 2021

Sedentary lifestyles make everything more complicated. We move less and don't engage in physical activities. We are made to move, and we need to move for our bodies and minds to remain sharp. We have to stay mobile.

When we think about weightlifting, we think of strength; weightlifting isn't just about strength; surprisingly, it also increases your mobility.

You may think weightlifting needs a certain amount of mobility, but that is not true. When you start to weightlift - clean&jerk and the snatch, you go through several movements to finish one exercise.

Doing these exercises increases your range of motion. It also tells where you lack in your range of motion. When you begin weightlifting, you don't just jump into the cleans and the jerks of the world but instead, you start with movements like the muscle up and squats, etc. These movements make the building blocks of the weightlifting regiment.

When you perform these exercises, your range of motion will increase significantly more. The more you move and the movements become complex, the muscles you engage, and their range of motion will improve.

Weightlifting is an integral part of any athlete's journey; these movements heighten endurance, strength, and mobility.

Don't be afraid of the complexity of the moves. Once you learn the basics from then it is mixing different movements, and your body is more than capable of adapting various complex actions at once; we do it every day!

So go on lift those weights and find yourself with power and agility that is unmatched.

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