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Weight, fats and you - 31/08/2021

Our society propagates this unhealthy view that being thin and lean is the only right way to live.

This is not true since bodies come in various shapes and sizes. One size does not fit all.

When people talk about being fit, they usually talk about weight loss.

Weight loss is very tricky in that sense. When you first start getting fit, and you lose weight, you become happy with yourself, and then the weight lost becomes less and less over time.

This causes people to feel unsatisfied with themselves; weight loss is not the fitness metric and can be pretty unhealthy.

What one should strive for fat loss and muscle gain.

All of us have reserves of fat. Some fat is good for us. It boosts immunity and keeps your heart healthy.

But the majority of our body fat is unhealthy and lines the inner organs in such a way that causes blockages.

Luckily this fat can be burned through exercise and eating other fats called “Unsaturated fats”, which lowers your cholesterol and regulates good heart health.

When you lose bad fats, you start looking better and healthier. You are still losing weight, and now you are losing the weight you don’t want in your body.

Fitness takes time and patience. It isn’t overnight, and it isn’t always aesthetic. What it is, is a form of self-love.

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