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Water and Life - 13th November, 2021.

Water, H2O- An inorganic, tasteless, and odorless compound. The primary chemical substance to which all of life owes its thanks.

All organisms that we know of contain water; All our existence is also owed to this compound, this organic compound that gave birth to organic life-enriching it, helping it grow, and nourishing us.

Whether it be beautiful rain, a serene river, the raging ocean, or the ever so delicious drink after a run, water has been our guiding hand since the dawn of life. We should treat it with not only respect but also with awe and wonder.

When you consume water, your cells are replenished, and your muscles begin to heal themselves after being used. Water nourishes your skin, your hair, and your brain.

Every health institute has a differing opinion on how much water one should drink(On average, it is 2.2L). Still, only you can decide how much is enough for you - even excess water is harmful to your body as it causes water intoxication.

Overhydration and Dehydration are problems that the fitness community faces - sometimes, we forget to drink. When we do, we overdo it to compensate.

To remedy this problem, one can keep a bottle near them and take sips throughout the day, maintaining a balance. This trick of keeping a bottle close by has been said to work throughout countless studies as you drink when the water is nearby, thus not facing Dehydration. Still, you also drink enough not to overhydrate.

Water is life in many ways; it cleans away the dirt and heals the pain; a refreshing bath, a swim, and a drink- these save lives, enrich us and make us healthy.

So let us as athletes pledge to drink and save this gift of life that only gives and never asks.

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