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Variety, good for your body - 1st October, 2021

Consistency is one of the essential parts of a fitness journey. It is necessary for the results that you want to see. Without consistency achieving your goals is impossible.

But consistency is not just in your hand. If the workouts that you do are similar and repetitive, they begin to get tedious, tiring and the necessary muscles no longer are activated as they used to. This redundancy causes us to fall off our routines.

A varied routine is essential in order to develop consistency, and it helps us work different muscles of our body and, more importantly, keeps the workouts fresh and fun.

Varied routines are routines where for the days you workout, each day brings something new to the table. One day you do mono structure( Mild to High-intensity cardio), and some other day you weightlift.

These workouts are also usually functional in nature and help you perform your day to day tasks efficiently, also increasing your strength and power.

Varied workouts don’t just have different movements every day, but the circuit is made such that the intensity at which you move and do work also differs. Some days you have to push beyond your limits, and somedays you go on comfortably- relishing in the movement itself.

At Vyom, we design our Workouts keeping this in mind, and we design our workouts the same way. We strive to make sure that our workouts hit the necessary benchmarks of functional training.

Hard work and consistency are crucial, but so is having fun. When we challenge ourselves with different options, we begin to have fun!

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