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Train to fight your limits - 15th November, 2021.

Q. What is Training?

Growth, learning, knowledge, and understanding are understandably humanity’s greatest drive. We don’t like to live in uncertainty; we try to avoid it as much as possible, to seek how the universe functions.

We hone our skills, arts, and bodies to better deal with these uncertainties, these unpredictable challenges that life throws at us, and we call this preparedness training.

Training is going to be the theme of our articles for a while. This essential tool of life teaches us the meaning of growth and perseverance and focus and discipline.

Q. What Training means for you?

Training refines us, like a blade being sharpened, like the impurities of a noble metal being removed; it teaches us the meaning of our endeavours and gives us a reason to work hard.

When we train, our focus naturally sharpens, and Training needs us to focus on a singular task for long periods, whether it be training your body or your mind.

Training teaches us to let go of fear and uncertainty and be present with whatever we’re doing. When we talk about Training, it isn’t just the muscles that we strengthen but also our psyche.

Whether it be a skill or your muscles, you need to reevaluate and improve both your form and understanding of yourself and your skills- which now, through constant Training, become a part of yourself.

Q. Why is Training necessary?

Training is improvement, refinement, efficiency, dedication, discipline, and so much more. Still, Training is also a medium through which we deepen our understanding of our skillset and life.

Training helps us test who we are today and become the ideal version of us that we envision tomorrow.

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