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Things you didn't know about protein

Just as keeping your body healthy and active is important for a long, healthy life, taking care of your nutritional needs is equally important.

Today's blog will talk about one such element on your plate that is one of the most important ones in your diet. Without this element, you'd probably be sick, weak, and unable to carry out bodily actions healthily. Guessed what it is yet? It's protein!

Protein does SO many things for your body, you'll feel forever indebted to the wonder element. To start with, it helps build and repair muscle and gives your cells their structure. It also works for transporting and storing nutrients, as well as forming our organs, glands, arteries, and muscles!

Fun Fact: Want to heal from injuries and diseases faster? Protein also helps in healing wounds and repairing tissue in the muscles, skin, bones, and hair!

Here are some more fun facts about protein, and these can help you have a fuller, richer, more nutritious diet! However, it is important that you consult an expert before you incorporate more/less protein into your current diet! To book a free nutritional consultation with an expert, visit VyomFIT's consultation page!

Protein is one of the building blocks of all life forms

Bet you didn't know that, did you? In each of the millions and millions of cells in our body, protein exists in each. Surprising, isn't it? This invisible element literally shapes our cells and keeps us fit! Another fact? Almost 18-20% of our entire body is made up of protein!

Protein is Greek

No, not the element itself, but the word "protein" comes from the Greek word ‘proteios’, which means primary - another sign pointing towards how important protein is for us!

Without protein, we wouldn't grow and heal

Scroll back to the beginning of this blog, and you'll read just how many things protein does for our body. It helps with muscle and tissue regeneration, which is why we heal from bodily injuries and also help us grow! This is one of the main reasons why growing children and babies are fed protein-rich food.

High protein in food keeps your fuller

The next time you reach out for fried, unhealthy snacks, remember that foods laden with protein keep your body full for longer. Many people who wish to work on their diet and fitness consume a lot of protein-rich food, which helps them cut down on unhealthy food items!

To know more about how you can include protein in your diet to help you lead a healthier life, consult an expert at VyomFIT! Click here to know more!

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