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The ultimate workout checklist

The past few blog posts have all been about getting started with your fitness journey, and about knowing what workout regime is right for you. This blog will talk about all you need to have on your checklist for the best results in your fitness journey. Ticking off all the items on this list won't happen overnight, but once it happens, you'll be well on your way to success!

What is my long-term goal?

All those talks about focusing on short-term goals in your fitness? They're correct! Talks about focusing on long-term goals? Also correct! Breaking your goals into small, achievable ones is a great strategy. However, clearly defining and measuring your long-term goal is also something you should be doing. For example, Mr. X wants to work towards shedding a few extra kilos. He should keep in mind every week's goal - but shouldn't lose sight of his long-term goal.

What is my immediate goal?

See what we mean when we say "Focus on both goals"? Writing down your daily goals is the first step to success in your fitness journey. Things like "Wake up 20 minutes early tomorrow" or "Fit in two more sets of pull-ups today" These short-term goals will help you reach your long-term goals!

Do I have the right coach?

We cannot stress this enough. Be it online yoga classes or online group fitness sessions, having a coach that understands your fitness level, goals, motivation, and more is one thing you need to make sure of. Before beginning an online fitness session with a coach, talking to them about your goals is what helps you move forward.

Am I working out at the right time?

We get it. Some people work the best at 6 am, and some at 6 pm. Knowing when you work out the best is what can help you with your goals.

PS: Choosing the right time to work out wisely is also dependant on your lifestyle!

Am I dressing right?

Your boxers are NOT fitness apparel. Wearing the right, comfortable clothing while working out should be your topmost priority once you hit the workout mat. Take some time off to shop for peppy and comfy workout clothes that will motivate you to give your best!

VyomFIT has a fresh new range of workout apparel, buy here!

Keep a log of your exercise

There are plenty of fitness apps available, and downloading one of these will help you schedule and log your workouts better. Keeping a track of your workout times and intensity will help you make changes in your routine if required, and is great motivation!

Am I taking care of my nutritional needs?

All workout and no nutrition makes everyone a dull human being. Eating healthy, nutritious food and staying hydrated is the key to working out better, longer, and more effectively. Check out VyomFIT's blogs on health and nutrition, or ask an expert!

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