The Importance of Exercising this Lockdown

As we have been trying to figure out how we are supposed to adapt to the “new normal” in different domains of our lives, be it personal or professional, we are starting to realize that one of the key factors that is going to help us power through this phase, is physical and mental well-being.

Physical Well-being

● We already know how important having a strong immune system is, especially during this pandemic. Staying active will enable you to build your immunity further.

● Physical activity will get your blood flowing and in turn, contribute to the repair and regeneration of antibodies present in your body.

● Better sleep is one of the most vital contributors to your overall health. Exercising will make sure that your sleep cycle is in check and will also ensure a healthy recovery.

Mental Well-Being

● Taking control of your own health and fitness can be one of the most important lessons that we can learn this lockdown. While there are hundreds of factors that are beyond our control at the moment, choosing to stay active is something that we can absolutely control.

● Exercising reduces cortisol levels in our bodies. Cortisol is a naturally occurring chemical in our body that is usually released when we feel stress.

● On the other hand, exercising releases endorphins, another naturally occurring chemical in our body that makes us feel good.

Many of us have not been able to stay active consistently due to the shutting of parks, gyms, and various other sporting/physical activities. We believe that this is a great time to learn how to move in whatever space is available to us. Any sort of movement that gets your blood flowing will make sure that you remain mentally charged.

If you are confused as to where you can get started with a health and fitness program, you can take a look at our website/app. We at Vyom are trying to make physical health as accessible as possible to everyone out there through our app. It does not matter what fitness program or physical activity you choose to take up as long as it involves movement.

We offer a variety of activities such as Zumba classes, Guided Yog and Pranayam Classes, Mobility Classes, and more along with our regular daily WODS. Furthermore, we are also collaborating with a number of fitness trainers from across the country whose programs you will be able to access through our app. Do remember that Vyom is just one of the many platforms that is trying to bridge this gap. So, go ahead and choose something that you think you will have fun with and start moving!

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