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The highs and lows of becoming fit - 27th October, 2021

The way with which we interact with our weaknesses and strengths makes us who we are.

When it comes to fitness, we are constantly posed with particular challenges; these challenges make us question our goals they either force us to evolve or be defeated.

When we evolve, we find where we shine, where our ranks deserve its merit, but when we are defeated, our weaknesses and the flaws bring us down with them: the good highs and the bad lows.

These challenges are simple because the challenge is none other than ourselves and, we challenge ourselves multiple times, we may want to give up and wave our flag homes, but in these moments, are we truly tested.

To see what happens, whether we win or are bested.

We can not be all things at once, nor can we do them, but we can stay true to ourselves. Accepting when we fail and moving forward despite it all.

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