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The core of your wellbeing - 19th October, 2021.

The core is where our power originates from; it supports our pelvis and spine, effectively empowering our entire body.

When you strengthen your core as an athlete, your output and efficiency increase, it also prevents injuries to your body.

When we think about our bodies and what they can do, doesn’t it just seem so marvelous? When we begin to think about the function of each part and know what it does, we realize the importance of training these muscles.

As we age, your body goes through various wear and tear - mitigating the effects of this wear and tear is our responsibility. A weak core causes problems like scoliosis, knee pain, and imbalance in the pelvis.

Core or Abs exercises then become one of the essential practices. We must strengthen the CORE of our body.

Ab exercises also train us to be more aware of our bodies. When we perform ab exercises, doing them mindlessly doesn’t have that much effect. We have to pinpoint which muscle to use and how to use it. Thus even developing bodily mindfulness in the process.

Some of the best Ab workouts we think are:-

  1. The V-Up

  2. The Sit-Up

  3. The L-Sit

  4. Arch Hold

  5. Arch Rocks

  6. Hollow Hold

  7. Hollow Rocks

  8. The Toes-to-bar

And so much more. The abs make us look like greek gods; that is true too. So let us not forget our core, for it is the glue that holds us together!

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