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The body with the mind - 21st September, 2021

Our bodies are magnificent works of art. They react a certain way to stimulus, we touch, and we feel, but who is it that does this? Who perceives the world? It is our mind.

Our mind accumulates information and experience and stores them in the crevices of our memories. Unfortunately, some of our memories and experiences are not always pleasant and can be devastating. This trauma that we carry on our shoulders then comes back to haunt us through our mental health issues.

These mental health issues are always complicated- some are caused by trauma, and some, unfortunately, are inherited genetically from our family. We all deal with demons daily. How do we ease this pain? How do we endure and persevere in the face of these problems?

One such solution, dear reader, is to exercise. Countless studies have proven that exercise helps in building a more resilient mind.

The reason is that when we work out, our body releases endocannabinoids in our body after working out. This makes us more relaxed and calm after working out.

Exercise has many benefits to your body, but the benefits to your brain are far more significant. When you train, you learn to push yourself beyond your physical limits, learning endurance and resilience and when you have these tools in your arsenal it becomes easier, day by day and one day you will find yourself looking back wondering why you were ever worried.

Mental health issues do not go away quickly, but our mental health issues can be managed; they can be conquered, but the challenging part is that it is you who has to do it. No one else can do it except yourself. The good part is that you can do it, you have to begin, and you will become unstoppable once you do.

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