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Testing yourselves - 26th October, 2021.

As a community, we have all come to love fitness for its benefits - the positive ones that affect us physically and mentally.

There is another side effect of gaining fitness that is often overlooked: the mischievous craving for competition. We want to take part and compete with each other, especially physically.

We love competing with each other, but there is one competition we shy away from: ourselves.

We rarely try to compete with ourselves, but it is necessary to do so, as the only metric you can measure your growth is by evaluating your past self.

Everyone here at Vyom has completed sets upon sets and has endured exercises and surpassed their limits, and so now comes the time to test yourself, to see how much you have improved, how much you can improve and how far you’ve come from your initial starting points.

Testing is necessary to know the strengths and weaknesses that you have. It is a place to learn and grow.

The testing grounds are a place for evaluating who you are in relation to who you were. It is where our knowledge, power, and application of what we have learned are used.

When we test ourselves, we are not winning or losing but finding out exactly who we are as human beings.

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