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Sumo Deadlift High Pull - 18th September, 2021

Movements that we do here in VyomFIT all have a reason and an origin. The origin lies in the heart of Crossfit™. Greg Glassman- the founder of Crossfit™, put together nine foundational movements for it.

Today we would like to touch upon the movement of sumo deadlift high pulls.

The sumo deadlift high pull or SDHP as it’s usually called is one of the nine foundational movements of Crossfit™. It is a compound total body exercise- The hamstrings, the hips, the traps, the biceps, forearms, etc.

To perform this movement you keep your legs wide apart, your hands supinated close to the centre of the bar and then perform a deadlift, wait for half a second on your hip and then perform a high pull.

When you perform this movement, it works the total body when picking it up from the floor to the body.

This movement is one of the basic exercises to learn how to transfer power from the core to your limbs which then progresses into cleans and snatches. This ability to transfer power makes the basis of weightlifting.

The sumo deadlift high pull is one of the basic functional movements. Not only is it versatile, and the muscle groups that it activates are diverse. When you master this movement, you can further progress into snatches and cleans, which are all high-level compound movements that further your strength.

This movement is then one of the core exercises you should learn, and we at VyomFIT strive to teach it to provide an experience of fitness that is functional and informative.

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