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Squat deeply - 14th October, 2021.

We have all seen old men in villages sitting deep in a squat; they’re talking to their fellow old men - talking about work and the worries of tomorrow. Why is it that even though worry plagues them, villagers seem to live longer and have the vitality to work the fields even in their 60s?

One of the contributors to their health is this Deep Squat. When you perform a squat, your hips, knees, and ankles should have a level of flexibility to do the squat correctly.

For different people, the squat will have varying degrees of “deep,” but usually, a squat is called deep when your knees bend more than 120 Degrees.

Because our range of motion is limited, some of us cannot perform deep squats. That is a problem in and of itself because your range of motion is limited, and your knees and hips aren’t ready yet.

The deep squat was thought to have caused bad knees and arthritis. Still, research shows otherwise- it is a form perfect for building a range of movement, and holding the deep squat has shown to stimulate muscle growth.

The deep squat is a significant movement. For you, your deep squat won’t be similar to someone else’s, but slowly you can achieve that range of motion through practising your deep squats and challenging yourself to go a bit lower each time.

It won’t be easy, but nothing easy is worth the effort anyway.

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