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Sleepy Habits - 16th September, 2021

When it comes to sleep, many of us can attest that our schedules are not how we want them to be.

Sleep is one of the most challenging things to fix. Our sleep schedules can easily break and, once broken, can take much energy to improve.

To cultivate a healthy habit of sleeping, one must undertake three things:

The first is to not use your phones an hour before bed. Phones emit blue light, which tells your brain that it is still daytime. Your brain then does not secrete melatonin, a hormone that is needed to trigger sleep.

Secondly, you need to develop small habits or rituals that you perform before sleeping. When you develop these habits, you tell your brain that it is time to sleep- it can be reading, light stretching, writing or meditating. It should not involve screens that emit blue light.

Thirdly, to cultivate a habit of relaxation in the bed, We should not use the bed for work or phones but purely for sleeping and other sleep based activities.

Cultivating these habits make sure that you get the right amount of sleep every day.

The right amount of sleep is beneficial to your body in mind in various ways. It heals your muscles, helps your brain process the events of the day and relieve your stress. So sleep away, it is an experience for the ages!

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