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Simple ways to boost your immune system

This tablet, that tablet. This recipe, that recipe. The pandemic has made us realize just how important working on our immunity is. But, this came with a price. The market was flooded (and still is) with "immunity-boosting" oils, tablets, syrups, tonics that priced at an extravagant price. This blog gives you super-effective ways to boost your immunity, all from the comfort of your own home! These tips include changes in diet, working on your fitness (preferably through online training and classes), and lifestyle changes, for a healthier and safer you!

Stay hydrated

What are you even doing for your immunity if not staying hydrated? Hydration helps your body in more ways than you can imagine. It works towards healthy skin, healthy digestion, healthy immunity, and other healthy bodily functions. You may not feel thirsty often, but drinking at least 2 liters of water a day is necessary. Water is necessary for healthy children and healthy adults alike, so drink away!

Get enough sleep

Yes, sleep is what helps build the strongest immune defenses ever. People who get inadequate sleep are more prone to diseases, both acute and chronic (short and long-lasting, respectively) For more tips on getting a healthy and refreshing sleep each night, read more!

Feeling better rested all day gives you more energy and helps you ward off diseases that might lurk around. People who are sick often sleep for longer because their body needs more rest to fight off the disease!

Keep yourself fit and active

We've lazed around enough in the past year, haven't we? It's now time to start working out. Be it online yoga classes, online strength training, working out online in a group, fitness should be your best friend forever. Since gyms are shut and unsafe spaces to work out in, online training should help you out finely.

Eat lots of home-cooked food

No, homemade pizzas don't count. The best way to make sure that your immunity is at its peak is to ensure that you eat nutritious food made at home. Eating from take-outs and restaurants deprives your body of the nutrients it needs and makes it more vulnerable to diseases like COVID-19. To make sure you eat what your body needs the most, it's advisable to ask an expert before making any drastic (read: unhealthy to healthy) changes in your diet.

Eat more fermented foods

Fermented foods are packed with healthy bacteria called probiotics. Experts will tell you that these probiotics help your body boost its immune strength and help you stay healthy in times like these. If you cannot take fermented foods like curd, try opting for probiotic supplements. Young children should have a healthy intake of healthy, probiotic-rich food.

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