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Rest well, oh friend - 11th September, 2021

Working out is fantastic. Your heart pounds with ferocity, your body thumping wildly, as you feel alive by the rush of your very own body.

It is an unrivalled feeling. To feel this and nurture and strengthen our body, we work out six days a week, but why do we let that one day go without working out?

When you work out, your muscles form tiny tears all over themselves. These tears, when healed, cause your muscles to grow and become stronger. That is how your muscles get bigger and sharper when you work out with consistency.

When you overuse these muscles, the tears that they form don't heal, and you may begin to damage your muscles over a prolonged time, and overuse of muscles leads to several problems.

To help heal and avoid the overuse of muscles, we include rest days in our training regimens. When we rest the tissues, the muscles and even our cells undergo a healing and growth process.

Rest days aren't just good for your physical well being but also for your mental health as well. Rest is as pleasurable as working out is, to hang out with your friends, to eat something that isn't part of the diet, to just rest and have fun is very important.

We work out not only because it's fun but also because it enables you to enjoy yourself more fully and without restrictions. Rest days are those days where you can reap the benefit of your week's hard work.

Your body is a beautiful piece of work, but like all the things in the world, it needs love, care and rest to function optimally.

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