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Realising fitness - 28th October, 2021.

Fitness has always been a very personal goal. The reasons why you start are critical, and they fuel you when you want to quit.

These reasons are arbitrary; some want to look aesthetically pleasing and feel mentally fit or be at their physical peak; there are so many reasons to start. Each one is as important and valid as the next.

Our experience of what fitness is will be different from person to person. Still, our beginnings are usually the same; we wish to change, and thus we begin.

But at some point, we must evaluate our personal goals and what our preferred way of fitness is. For this, we must closely observe ourselves- the workouts we love and how we respond to our exercise routines.

When you begin observing yourself, you realize where you lack and where you excel, then you can choose to improve the places you lack. You can personalise your own routines to suit your own needs, and it can only be done through observation and understanding your goals.

This path to fitness will always teach you something about yourself, about your limits, and how to surpass them.

What does fitness mean to you? And tell us, how can we help you to realise that?

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