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Quit Quitting - 19th November, 2021

Why we quit training?

Exercise and training are rewarding in their own right. Still, so many of us hang our mantles and pick a path with the least resistance, even though we enjoyed the resistance.

There are many factors that lead up to quitting, like any habit, exercise too needs systems in place to survive and when these systems begin to fall, so too do our routines.

Our systems fall out of place because:

  1. Perceived lack of time

  2. An Injury

  3. We stopped having fun

  4. No change in your body

When we begin to deal with these changes in our regiments, we begin to lose all the enjoyment that we once gained from our training regiments.

How to begin to stop our habit from breaking?

If we become aware of breaking this habit, our awareness presents us with two choices to reevaluate our habit- 1.)We have the choice to change our system to better suit our needs. 2.) To stop exercising and choose a different path.

Either path isn’t wrong per se, but the consequences of that path will be faced only by us.

Though that is an abstraction of our own decision, technically, to overcome failing habits, we should do the following things:

  1. Set goals for yourself and plan; the internet believes in the SMART way or Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Timely.

  2. Schedule yourself in such a way that you can fit in at least 10-minutes of exercise.

  3. Change your routine- play with your friends and family, go to gardens, parks, or anywhere else to have fun with your own body, see what it can do!

  4. Take rest days, and they are much more important than the exercise you do because the fruits of your training shine during those rest days.

The Takeaway

Exercise can be rewarding and challenging, and we may take the least resistive path. Still, it is only up to us to conquer ourselves again. There is nothing wrong with quitting; what would be wrong is quitting upon ourselves, and only we can be the judge of when that is happening and choose what to do.

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