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Persist - 15th October, 2021.

It is no secret that exercising and working out is challenging, it gets tough, and the easier way out seems tempting. “Let it all go,” “What does it matter? I have come so far already. No one would say anything”. These voices keep on haunting us, compelling us to give up and quit.

In this storm of negativity, something else tells you not to give up. It knows what is right for you because you know what is right for you. These voices give you positive reaffirmations- they tell you, “It’s okay, you can still move forward. You can do it”,

This voice is persistence. It guides you to keep ongoing. When you want to give up, persistence tells you not to. The thing about perseverance is that we are all inherently born with it. We all have this stubborn streak in us; we don’t want to give up when it comes down to it.

Persistence is the key to succeeding and winning, not this rat race but victory over yourself. And that is all that counts.

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