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Nutrition and timing, matter or matter not? - 4th September, 2021.

The significant problem we all face from time to time is that of food. How much should we eat, and when should we eat to optimize our nutrition goals better?

When one starts to walk the path of strength and fitness, nutrition becomes a more integral part of our lifestyle. It may seem not very easy, but it is as simple as it comes.

We try to explain how in this series of posts, even though it may sometimes seem complicated. With nutrition, it's just complex words rather than concepts.

Another such concept is Nutrition timing, which means when you should eat and what you should eat at a particular time slot to maximize the benefits of the food you consume—the muscle gains, the fat losses, etc.

Nutrition enthusiasts and many fitness coaches give in to the idea that an Anabolic Window exists where if you eat carbs and proteins in a certain period after your workout- 15 to 60 mins after your workout. Your gains are that much more efficient.

It means that your body will grow more muscle by consuming proteins and replenish your energy through the consumption of carbohydrates.

You ask us- why do so many fitness enthusiasts find this window so important? Well, the logic behind it is that:-

When you work out, your body burns energy through carbohydrates. So when you eat carbs after a workout, it replenishes those lost stores of carbs.

You may assume that the same logic applies to protein too, but such is not the case. The idea behind protein consumption is not to gain the muscle lost but to stimulate the growth of new muscle instead. This is called Muscle Protein Synthesis(MPS).

Conclusion: there is much research conducted into nutrition timing; some of it is conclusive and some of it not.

The theme of nutrition is always to find the needs of your own body. Your body talks to you. It tells you what it needs and when it needs it. Finding it out is your job!

Whatever doubts arise, you are best assured you can click the link below and talk to our nutrition consultant about it.

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