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Neck: Strength and Range of motion - 17th November, 2021

Why are our necks stiff?

Our necks have a lot of stress built up upon them; they are an essential aspect of our mobility and moods. When stress builds up in the neck, the discomfort can be devastating.

We face this stiffness because our range of motion in our current day-to-day lives are limited; we spend our days on our laptops and desks focusing on a singular task for hours without moving as much as we should. This lack of range of motion causes stiffness and tightness around our necks and causes significant discomfort.

Why should we train our necks?

When we train our necks, they become more robust and flexible- and they begin to hurt less and don’t feel as stiff as they used to; another excellent side effect is that your neck looks muscular too.

How to train your neck?

To train your neck, you can perform the following exercises:-

  1. Dumbbell Shrugs

  2. One-arm row

  3. Reverse fly

  4. Upright Row

  5. Lateral Raises

And to stretch your neck and its supporting muscles out, do these:-

  1. The Corner Pec Stretch

  2. The Chin Tuck

  3. The Upper Trapezius Stretch.

  4. Thoracic Extension

Doing these exercises will strengthen and relieve all the stress in our neck, making it feel “youthful” in a sense.

The takeaway

We train so many of our core muscles but neglect some of the smaller or easily missable ones, but we shouldn’t as they make the base of our comfort and our strengths. Our neck deserves to be enriched by our workouts, too, and adding neck-based exercises to your training regiment is the way to go.

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