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Necessary Leisure - 16th October, 2021.

There are days in our lives where we don’t feel like doing a lot. Stress, lethargy, tiredness, and fatigue have always been an intrinsic part of our life. It is in these times that we should take care of our mind and body; to take care of the mind begins with the body and to take care of the body starts with the mind.

Though you can not always give a 100%, and that is acceptable, there is no need to push yourself beyond limits when days seem just emotionally exhausting. So to mitigate this issue of wanting to continue your fitness and want to rest, there is an easy fix- Be a bit leisure.

Movement is an integral part of being human, and we feel good and accomplished when we do it. Push-Ups, Pull-Ups, resistance training, and weight training have their role to play; so do walking, stretching, sunbathing, jumping, playing, etc.

When you walk in the shades of the sun and tress, your mind and body react positively; when you play with your friends, you deepen your bonds with them, reinvigorating your body and your mind in the process.

The worries that you once felt vanish for a moment, and then you have the power to endure these hardships through the connection of your habits, nature, and your peers.

Pushing yourself to your utmost is necessary, and resting and doing things with leisure is also essential. Balance is the heart and strength of us humans. Let us find it together.

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