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Minimum Equipment, Maximum Gain - 20th November, 2021

We've spoken about training at such a length this past week.

During the pandemic, most of us realized that fitness and training need to be mobile- to adapt to our situation is essential in continuing the habits that enrich us.

To keep ourselves fit, we don't need the same equipment as a gym, but instead, we can do with minimum equipment.

All you need is for an essential pack is:

1. Yourself

The most important; the core of the entire training.

2. Pair of Dumbbells

To perform exercises like deadlifts and front squats, and other resistance training.

3. Jump Rope

A fantastic tool that is incredibly versatile with its movements and benefits -Skipping is honestly one of the best things humanity has discovered.

4. Yoga Mat

This mat provides traction when you're sweaty as heck, and trust us, sweat gets really slippery when you're moving fast and at home.

5. Resistance bands

Resistance bands are unique, and they are much more versatile compared even to jump rope. We can train our entire body using these colourful looking rubber bands, and they're perfect for the hips and the butt.

That's it. Sometimes you don't even need numbers 2 to 5; just 1 will do.

Your training regimen can be catered to your needs and resources. We don't need tons of equipment to stay or be fit; whatever is in the house or cheaply acquired can take you far too; only your determination and goals decide the outcome of your training- whether with equipment or without.

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