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Man and Nature - 29th August, 2021

Growing up, for some reason, it feels like life has become busier. Friends, family all have their tiny bubbles of life, different from you.

It’s almost unbelievable how different of a life we lead from everyone else. We all are unique, after all. But in this uniqueness and loudness of life, we are united by a single thing- Our connection to nature.

Nature has always been like a mother’s kiss. When we venture into the wilderness, we feel calm and at peace. One could say we feel right at home.

When loneliness and isolation take over, a walk among the trees seems to fix it right up.

By the biophilia hypothesis, it is speculated that humans want to connect and experience nature.

Man too, is a symbol of nature. When we observe trees, birds and other animals, we realise that life flows in a certain harmony. We humans luckily have evolved to notice such balance and appreciate it.

The reds of the mornings, the blues of the vast sky and the greens of the land. These colours make us appreciate this beautiful world that we are born into.

This world that we must protect, love and cherish. For nature is the reality we see and feel.

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