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Ladies, Do You Want To Fit Into That Dress

“You only live once. So it’s actually your responsibility to do what makes you happy.”

If there’s one thing that the 21st century has got right, it’s the body positivity movement. Today, being “too fat” or “too skinny” is not perceived as a flaw. It’s not considered okay to go jesting about someone’s figure and catcall them. Our generation knows that every body is different… special. And well, that’s certainly the biggest achievement we have made as humans, so far (sorry, ChatGPT)!

But here’s something else this generation has sensationalised that needs to be advocated just as intensely - it’s okay not to feel okay. Wonder what’s our point here? Well, we’ll break it down for you.

From Hollywood celebrities to Instagram influencers and literally every other person walking on the streets - lately, it’s become normal for everyone to tell us to love our bodies. What started as a gentle reminder to make us aware of our distinct beauty has now become another strict rule to live by. It’s almost as if the moment you mutter, “Oh, perhaps I should lose some weight to...” is when you’re cut in between and told, “NO, YOU’RE PERFECT JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!”

Well, I know that. I know I’m beautiful. I know I’m perfect. But what if I want to be better? To be more beautiful, to be more perfect?

The thing is, being a woman, physical insecurity comes somewhat naturally to us. Even models with God-like chiselled bodies aren’t spared of this issue (yes, Bella Hadid also suffered from body image issues)! But here’s what they don’t tell you - it’s normal.

Wanting to lose weight is normal.

Wanting to gain weight is normal.

Not accepting, but rather trying to better yourself, is NORMAL!

It’s also being body positive!

So listen up, ladies: Don’t feel guilty about wanting to improve yourself despite being told you’re all okay. Let us say this to you if no one has…

It's totally okay to want to fit into “that” dress!

At VyomFIT, we encourage sustainable and result-yielding methods of losing weight. Our mindfully designed weight loss programs for women and LifeStyle Score sheet help you on the way and keep you on track with your progress so that you do not come back to square one.

So if you’ve set yourself a fitness goal, go ahead and achieve it with your head held high. Practice fat loss workouts, lift those weights, lose those extra pounds - really, it’s absolutely the right thing to do. And we’re always here to help you do that!

What’s not okay, however, is to go hunting for shortcuts to achieve your goal.

It’s not okay to skip meals to lose weight.

It’s not okay to take supplements to lose weight.

It’s not okay to work out excessively to lose weight

Make it a point to “fit into that dress”, should that make you happy. But just never do it at the cost of your health. As a woman, you and only you get to define what’s your “perfect.” If you think you need to lose some weight, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise in the guise of body positivity. After all, you only live once. So live by your rules as long as that makes you happy.


Team VyomFIT

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