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How to choose the right workout routine?

No amount of crunches and push-ups is going to help you work on your fitness if you haven't set a workout routine for yourself. When you make a routine, keep in mind your body type (check out this blog to find out which body type you are: ), diet, fitness goals, and skill level.

Before creating a workout routine for yourself, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What goals do I want to achieve through my routine?

  2. How much time am I willing to give to my fitness?

  3. How aware am I of my strength, endurance, and skill level?

These questions will give you a clear picture of the steps you need to take towards your fitness journey. Once you've got these milestones laid down, you can work towards creating a workout routine for yourself. Here are a few things to keep in mind to make sure that you select the best routine for you and your body.

Choose a regime you enjoy

Goat yoga, pilates, Zumba, the list is endless. Choosing a workout that you look forward to doing is very important. No one likes a boring workout routine that makes you dread waking up in the morning. Try out various workouts, and then choose the one (or two) that you enjoy the most. You can combine two or more regimes according to your needs, and you'll never dread working out again!

Zumba is the swanky new workout routine preferred by many

Vary in the intensity of your exercise

Sure, the beginner level is the easiest. But you can't always sit back and do the most comfortable of all workout levels. Keep changing the intensity and target areas of your workouts so that your body does not get conditioned. You can vary between strength, agility, speed, flexibility, and more! This change makes sure that you keep challenging yourself every day, and get the best results in a much shorter period of time.

Pro Tip: Don't follow the usual easy-medium-hard variance, but alternate between all three.

Make sure your workout fits your lifestyle

It would be an understatement to say that many people forget to keep this step in mind. If you have a local gym or a fitness studio nearby, it would be a good idea to drop in before or after work. But, if the nearest fitness studio is miles away, try choosing home-based workouts with varied equipment. If you spend too much time talking on the phone, try walking around when on a call. If you drop a friend or partner at a sports establishment or complex, try walking around the field, or jog around the track/park. Choosing a regime that does not fit your lifestyle is the key to a massive failure in your fitness journey.

Don't rely only on outdoor exercise

Sure, breaking into a refreshing run once in a while might be great. But relying only on the outdoors for your workouts is a big mistake. Weather changes, time constraints, seasonal changes, etc. can all make you stop in your tracks. Try alternating between indoor workouts and outdoor ones. If you do this, you'll never have to worry about running on rain-slick roads (in the name of fitness) ever again!

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