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High Intensity Interval Training - 23rd October, 2021.

Endurance is an essential aspect of training. Most of our articles are based upon the idea of endurance and its importance.

To build endurance, an athlete can either engage in long workouts, short but high-intensity workouts, or the middle ground of the two known as HIgh-Intensity Interval training.

The aim of a High-Intensity Interval Training workout, or as it is lovingly called, the HIIT, is to push yourself at your utmost limits raising your endurance, explosivity, and intensity in the process.

During a HIIT, we perform high-intensity movements in a short period, with recovery intervals in between the rounds. Usually, it goes something like this- you work for 20 seconds and rest for 40 and go again for a total of 10-15 minutes.

HIIT forces your body to adapt to two very different states, rest and work; this provides excellent cardio functioning; it increases your VO2Max (The amount of oxygen you can use while working out); cardiovascular function improves; you burn more calories per minute, too, losing weight in the process.

It is a common misconception that HIIT is only for professional athletes, and while the training might be different from yours, you will still reap the same benefits.

Another misconception is that HIIT is only cardio-based, but you can add strength-based routines into it too.

HIIT is one of the best forms of exercise. They are not only versatile and easily customizable but also accessible to anyone who wants to do it. There’s a reason it has been a staple in the fitness community for so long.

Adding HIITs to your workouts is essential in building overall strength and power. Adapting various styles of workouts will also keep your exercises fresh. After all, we live for versatility.

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