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Habits and you - 14th September, 2021

We plan our life pretty deeply; we know where we want to go and who we want to be. These goals give us something to aim for.

To achieve these goals, one must have a plan, and once that plan is made, it needs to be set in motion. This motion usually comes in the form of habits.

As we spoke in length in our last post, habits make you who you are and changing them make you who you want to be.

When it comes to fitness, developing habits are essential; they help you achieve your goals and cultivate a lifestyle of health.

Cultivating these habits isn’t difficult; the challenging part is always consistency. But when you develop them, goals like fat loss and muscle gain become easier- Why, you may ask?

Because nutrition is one of the most important factors of fitness, if not the most important, and to maintain a balanced nutrition diet, you need to have good food habits.

When you develop these habits, it is effortless to build muscle and lose fat.

To cultivate these habits, one needs to be ready to leave their old habits behind, understanding that they no longer serve their purpose. Once one does that, they can begin to make small changes to their current lifestyles- at first, you can increase the protein intake to match your body goals and then move forward.

When you make small changes and be consistent with them, your old habits start to change, and you find yourself growing newer and better practices.

These habits will be with you throughout your life and make you who you are. The only question is: What kind of habits do you want to cultivate? It will be challenging but also the journey satisfying once you begin to notice your change!

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