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Food and you - 20th October, 2021.

All living organisms metabolize- that is, we eat.

Eating is an intrinsic process of being alive, we live to consume, and we are alive because we consume.

What is our relationship with food exactly? In an age where the food we find is abundant for most of the population, we have come to form a different kind of relationship with food, one not based upon survival.

For us, modern humans, food has become readily available and in a lot of variety. Ever since we discovered how to store food for an extended period efficiently, it revolutionized the kind of food we began to make.

The rise of processed foods radically changed how we consume: Junk food, packaged food, restaurant food, and the varied variety of foods we find ourselves surrounded by.

We have come to form an enjoyable, nutritious, and toxic relationship with food; we use it to become stronger; to try newer things; to make ourselves feel good. None of these things is unique, nor are they good or bad- They are.

It’s the way we treat food and the way we perceive it that causes problems. We overeat or undereat in search of a phantom dream that we can never achieve. It is never easy talking about food. There are so many unknown elements when it comes to it.

But we all should strive to better our eating habits, and readers, even athletes face personal demons regarding food. Food is our fundamental right, but it is also a responsibility to bear and come to terms with it.

It can be tough and challenging to change your relationship with food, but it is not undoable.

Eating right isn’t just removing all the “Junk” food out of our life but knowing what to eat and when to eat it.

Consume as much as you want but don’t judge yourself for going too far and when you do think you’ve gone far, dare to stop and reflect on what you want from the food you eat.

When you eat junk food during diets and feel as if you have failed, wanting to give up, don't. You haven't failed, you can still move forward. You are not the sum of your failures, you are the product of your little victories.

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