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Fibre and you - 29th September, 2021

When humans began first evolving, we gave up our habitats in the trees and started living on the land. Still, even though we developed at such a rapid rate, emotionally, physically and technologically- one thing we retained is our love of those juicy juicy fruits.

Fruits and vegetables have always been a staple of our diet. Their advantages are numerous, but one benefit we sorely don’t think about is fibre.

Fibre is one of the most critical parts of our diets. Not only is it an energy-giving carbohydrate but also a cleanser; we get it from whole grain cereals, vegetables and fruits.

Fibre comprises two parts, and both are very important to us, soluble fibre and insoluble fibre. The body cannot break fibre down, and it passes through our bodies undigested.

Soluble fibres are, as the name suggests, soluble in water and help us lower glucose and keep LDL(bad cholesterol) in check, and insoluble fibres help you avoid constipation and prevents IBS(Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Fibre is truly a miracle food. It keeps your gut, heart and intestines fresh and clean. It regulates good heart health, and also foods high in fibre help to tackle obesity, colon cancer and several diseases.

Our gut has good bacteria living in it, this bacteria has proven to regulate our body on an unprecedented level, and this good bacteria, too, thrives on fibre.

So eat those sweet delicious fruits, seeds, grains and vegetables. They will keep you healthy for a longer time. Fibre is as miraculous as it sounds. And the more you eat it daily, the more you will stay healthy!

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