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Fats - The essentials - 12th November, 2021

Lipids and triglycerides are also known as fats that occur in human beings; these fats are chains of fatty acids.

Fats are divided into Saturated, Monounsaturated, and Polyunsaturated fats.

Fats are the essential component in animals to store and help to transfer energy. An imbalance in your fat content can cause diseases like heart problems and diabetes.

Fats also help start chemical reactions involved in growth, the immune system, reproduction, and other metabolic functions of the body.

Almost everything we consume has fats in it, dairy, beans, nuts, meat, poultry- and they contain Saturated and Unsaturated fats- so-called bad and good fats respectively- but that is a misconception, fats are neither bad nor good; they are found everywhere.

It is the source of fat that matters and how much we consume them. Junk food will always bring you harm.

When you exercise, your body goes through fat for extra energy through lipase, which breaks down the fat.

That is why exercise is good not for weight loss but for fat loss.

It is not possible to eliminate either of the macronutrients from our life, especially not fats that regulate almost everything about us. We can mitigate the damage done by these extra fats by exercising, burning the excess, and retaining the essentials. So eat right and trust your body to do the rest!

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