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Exercise: A Must for Women as they age.

According to a study done by WHO, 44% of Indian women do not get enough exercise. When you enter into your 30s, work and the responsibility of starting a family make it difficult to keep up with fitness.

It is no joke when we say that women have difficulties with their bodies. They deal with periods, menopause, pregnancy, and the wild hormonal changes that come with it.

And as you age, your bodies do not behave as they did when you were younger. The risk of depression, hypertension, diabetes, hormonal imbalance, low bone density, etc., increase too, primarily when you’ve led a sedentary lifestyle.

So what can you do about it? Exercise.

1. Exercising helps stabilize your entire body.

2. Your periods stabilize and become regular.

3. The constant back pain goes away.

4. The risk of osteoporosis decreases.

5. The risk of depression and anxiety decreases

So as you age, what kind of exercises should you begin doing?

  1. Strength Training- There is a misconception that strength training is a man’s sport, and it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Strength training is far more critical for women than men. Women after 35 lose muscle mass due to inactivity. Metabolism also decreases in the 30s, but strength training increases your muscle mass and also improves your basal metabolic rate. Strength training surprisingly also boosts your cognitive skills. So not only do you look good but also feel and experience better too.

  2. Yoga and Dynamic Stretching - Yoga and Dynamic stretching help in keeping your muscles young and flexible; it causes your muscles to retain more water and thus be healthy and in good shape for a long, long time.

  3. Cardio - Cardiovascular exercises do not need any introduction, we all have a love-hate relationship with it, but it is necessary. Just 10 minutes of cardio helps improve our cardiovascular and cognitive function.

As you age, you will face several challenges. Aches both physically and emotionally, but when you train yourself to tackle these challenges, you come out of these situations stronger and better, and believe it or not, to learn how to tackle challenges comes from personal fitness.

Women face more physical and emotional challenges, and thus to mitigate them, necessary steps have to be taken. You have to push yourself today so that your tomorrow can be happy and you can live a satisfying life.

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