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Diwali Diets - 02nd November, 2021.

We are back with another Diwali dhamaka, and that is telling you to eat right.

Eating right during Diwali? Yeah, right. Why should we do that? Well, because during festivals, we tend to overeat, and we overeat a lot throwing caution to the wind.

So how do we, in a festival based on eating and socializing, avoid overeating? Our goal is not to avoid all the tasty food but to avoid those extra calories.

Here are some ways we found while writing this article!

  • Mind your portions when someone offers you pharal foods

  • When you go out to visit friends and family, have the meal you have prepped for yourself, so you don’t go out with an empty stomach.

  • Stick to your exercise routine; when you exercise your body, you’ll burn the extra calories and stay the same weight.

  • Avoid alcohol and Sugary foods; sorry guys, this one is common in every article that we searched.

  • Eat as much as you want but know yourself and the calories you intake. Eat home-cooked food even when you go to visit others.

  • Be realistic about your nutrition, cut corners where you can. It is festival season, after all, but don’t cut off your goals altogether.

The choices made during festivals- especially one like Diwali will have consequences, good, bad, or neutral, only we can choose. But the good thing is we can choose. Let’s choose to have fun.

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