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Diwali and community - 03rd November, 2021.

Festivals are the best time to communicate, socialize and meet your friends and family,

and luckily for us Diwali- this magnificent festival of lights and goodness always comes with an opportunity to interact, to have fun and to meet the ones we care about.

It has been proven that being a part of a community helps you grow and evolve and feel accepted in many ways, a place where you share ideas and shape your ideas.

A community always makes you feel welcomed and accepted, to be who you are, and to challenge and help you grow from who you were.

We here at VyomFIT, too, have formed a community as such with you, our dear readers, athletes, and wonderful friends.

We have shaped our bodies and our ideas of fitness together, drawn sweat, pushed each other to our very limits, laughed and shared these moments that make us who we are.

We are very proud of the community that we have built, a community of support and love. Here’s to you, our Athletes without whom it wouldn’t have been possible, the people who helped us achieve our goals of #Reinventyourself.

Happy Diwali to you all, and Thank You for everything.

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