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Diwali- A festival of light and darkness - 04th November, 2021.

The last post was all about appreciating each other and our community; this time around, we’d like to discuss individuals and celebrate them.

We, humans, are emotional beings; our state of mind defines most of our experiences and our perspective of those experiences. When it comes to fitness, we should also take care of the fitness of our minds.

Diwali is festive and fantastical, but it isn’t a time of fun for everyone. There are times when we mourn, cry, and feel low and in darkness, even during the festival of lights.

But just as Prince Ram defeated the great demon Ravan, we too must confront and face the demons inside of us. Not only to be beaten but also to be understood, acknowledged, and then let go of them--thus achieving victory.

Taking care of our mental health is easier said than done; there are so many factors that life makes us deal with, factors beyond our control to deal with it.

To tackle this problem, research says we can better deal with mental health by becoming aware of our emotions and why they arise by simply acknowledging them.

That is why meditation is such a powerful tool, as it helps us to reflect and let go.

Another great tool is to build mental resilience and dear athletes; fitness has been proved to be one of the best tools to build mental strength.

There is so much potential in you to do great. Some realized, and some not. Not all will be achieved but what you have achieved is a story worthy of any hero.

Just like Ram, you will light up the world inside of you.

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