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Carbs, the enemy? - 27th September, 2021

Ours is a productive society; we love to play, we love to work, we love to rest, and we love to love.

All of these things consume energy, energy from our body. This energy is given to us by the food we eat, the food that contains carbohydrates.

We believe that carbohydrates or carbs, as they are so lovingly called, are our enemies, enemies of our fat loss regimes.

That is a misconception carbs are one of the essential sources of energy, if not the most important.

Carbs are fuel for your body. When you work the engine that is your body, it primarily burns carbs stored in your cells in the form of glycogen to produce energy.

The problem arises when you over fuel the engine. It spills. When you feed yourself with more energy needed for your body, your body intelligently stores it to be used later, which causes weight gain.

Another cause for concern is that not all carbs are made equal. Carbs found in fruits, vegetables, cereals, etc., are much healthier than carbs found in processed foods. The source from which you get this energy is also crucial to your well being.

You can’t feed cars kerosene instead of petrol because both of these sources are petroleum.

Carbs are your friends, they keep you healthy and your body in good condition, they give you a source of energy to burn throughout the day. They keep you young and full of life. The only caveat is that you need to eat carbs from the right source and consume it in the right amount- that is, as much as your body needs.

Everyone is different, and their needs are different too. If you wish to know more about your dietary needs, consult our nutrition expert!

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