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Caffeine- the wonder drug? - 30th September, 2021

Our lives are full of consumption- we live to eat, to be entertained, to feel stimulated because, after all, we are beings who thrive on stimulation.

It is no surprise then that coffee, the most consumed beverage on the planet, contains one of the most potent stimulants known to humanity- caffeine.

It is also found in tea and coco leaves.

When we consume it, we feel alert and focused, and this is because caffeine blocks the release of a hormone called adenosine. Adenosine causes us to feel at rest and signals our brain to be tired.

This also causes an increase of feel-good chemicals in the brain. It is also proven to improve heart health.

Caffeine has also been used as a pre-workout- it has been shown to boost metabolism and keep glucose stores intact for longer promoting faster and harder workouts.

But beware! Caffeine is not a miracle, and it is a drug. It changes your relationship with your brain and, if abused, can cause problems. Large amounts of caffeine cause anxiety, restlessness and a lack of sleep. If overused, it messes with the signals in your brain.

Addiction to any substance is never good, but when you consume caffeine safely and in controlled amounts, not only is it healthy for your body, but it can provide extra benefits! Go ahead have that cup of coffee but be responsible while consuming it too. Stimulants are essential and helpful, so when you consume them, be aware of the dosage and its effects on your body.

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