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Burnout: not your fault - 24th September, 2021

We, humans, are emotional beings, and we emotionally relate to our experiences, whether it be a physical experience or an emotional experience.

We go through life experiencing things- we live these experiences, look at them through the lens of our past and then try to imagine a future.

But emotions are not always happy ones. The experience that we find ourselves with can be harsh.

When we overwork ourselves when we engage in something so harshly and for so long, it causes us to be disillusioned with everything, and this bleeds into our life- This is called burnout.

Burnout is one of the worst things a human being can face. It feels as if the work that gives you joy no longer does. It does not just work but also working out that can cause burnout.

It can happen when you are not happy with your regime and train harshly without having fun- day in and day out, the joy you once had just vanished away.

Burnout is painful, and when you are in it, you get stuck in a loop- you blame yourself for laziness, for being defeated and for losing the aim of your goals. That is not the case.

We all deserve kindness, whether it be someone with a sedentary lifestyle or someone who considers themselves an athlete. When we face burnout, we need to show compassion to ourselves and understand that we are going through emotional exhaustion.

You aren’t a lazy person; you are someone who needs help, rest and understanding.

When you do feel burned-out, you can do some of the following things:-

  1. Ask your friends and family for support and care.

  2. Take time out for yourself. The one who heals you is always you.

  3. Reframe your priorities- Introspect on what needs you have and what you want in life.

  4. Do Varied exercises- go for a run, climb a tree, move your body in a way that is fun to you.

  5. Eat healthily- less refined sugar, more omega-3 fats.

  6. Meditation has also been shown to improve mood and prepare mental resilience.

Burnout is not your fault. It is the systems that promote unhealthy living that is at fault. But overcoming these systems or succumbing to them is in your hands. To be resilient or to be not.

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