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An environment of growth and fitness - 30th October, 2021.

An environment of growth is necessary for a fit lifestyle

Testing yourself, challenging yourself, learning, and letting go of old patterns and thoughts is essential to change who we are; change for the better.

How can one create this environment? It comes with accepting who we are—learning to accept the differences inside of you, acknowledging your weaknesses, knowing your strength, and recognizing the compassion inside of you, and most importantly taking and giving joy in all your activities.

It is not humanly possible to always be happy or have fun; there are days when it's impossible to move forward. There are days when your body and mind say no, the circumstances say no. In these moments, the fitness that you have cultivated will be used as a real-life application.

In these moments, you can choose to show yourself compassion. That, too, is fitness.

An environment of growth and fitness begins within your mind and body. It starts with you. When you extend it to others, they too begin to follow your path; this, in turn, creates an environment of growth, love, and fitness inside and outside.

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