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Air Squats' permanent stay in training - 25th September, 2021

Air Squats are a part of everyone’s workout regiment. We all have come to a common consensus that these squats are one of the most functional and effective workouts out there.

Very much the reason why Crossfit™ called it one of the basic 9 functional movements.

Why is the squat so well-liked universally?

The squat is functional- it uses the same muscles as when you sit down and get up. In that sense, it is also very basic.

To perform a squat, you need to keep your legs shoulder-width apart, push your butt behind as if you were closing a door with it, with your chest out, gently go down till your butt is parallel to the ground, trace your toes with your knees, after you’re down, get back up again.

Doing squats will develop lower body strength, core strength, it will enable you to pick up things efficiently from the ground, it also makes you very flexible and makes your hamstrings, glutes, and piriformis muscles stronger- which support your lower back.

The benefits of the Air squat are fantastic and you should include them in your workouts as often as you can!

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