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A day for our siblings - 06th November, 2021.

Today on the day of Bhau Beej ( Marathi) or Bhai Duuj (Hindi), we take time to look at our better halves- our siblings.

Siblings can be blood or bond-related. It is the relationship so different than any other that it is weird at times. You fight, hurt, and exploit each other, but you also take care, protect and defend each other, telling the other things that no one else dares to.

It is an extraordinary relationship. Siblings, no matter what, have to help each other, and achieving fitness is also helping each other.

There are times when you notice your sibling and realize that they might not be as fit as they want to be. Only you can convince them to change, not only by example but also by including them in your activities.

If it feels like we don't spend enough time with our brothers and sisters, it's because we may not be; it is only by spending time with each other, helping each other grow, and taking an active interest in each other's hobbies and likes that we come to better know who our siblings are.

That, too, is part of fitness. A good relationship with our siblings is essential for a good life.

Though things are not always great and magical as we are told they will be, there are fights, trauma, and horrible things that are said and done, but we have the choice to do what we need to do.

This one is for all siblings: The ones who make us crazy but the ones we cannot live without.

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