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5 Ways in Which Dumbbell Training Is More Complete than It Could Ever Be

As important as it is to lose weight for maintaining proper fitness, mass gaining is also crucial. Yes, that’s right! Studies found that people with developed muscle mass are at a particularly lower risk of diseases and injuries than those with lower muscle strength. In fact, this is just one of the many benefits of having incredibly developed muscles. And that apparently explains the relevance of strength training in workouts.

But here’s a catch - how do you begin with it? Although barbells are considered to be the flagbearers of strength training, they're not suitable for you if you are just starting out. Well, in that case, dumbbell training is your ultimate saviour. Curious to find out more about all its pros? Read ahead.

Dumbbell Training Is Apt for You - 5 Reasons Why

If you’ve been sleeping on the idea of kickstarting dumbbell training because you think it might not be worth it, here are 5 facts that will make you rethink your choice all over again;

1. It’s Amazing for Beginners

Dumbbell training offers incredible flexibility. Unlike other weight training instruments, you can start off with two 2-pound dumbbells and increase the load as you move ahead. Moreover, dumbbells, as compared to barbells, are also much easier to set up and need no learning curve to start with, even if you’re performing a complex fat-loss workout. So well, if you’re new on the journey of strength training, there’s nothing better than dumbbell exercises for you.

2. It’s Great for Muscle-Building and Mass Gaining

It’s no secret - weight lifting helps in muscle building and losing weight. But contrary to what most people believe, barbell training isn’t the only way you can do so. As long as your dumbbells provide a fair amount of resistance and you keep increasing the weight, dumbbell training can come in handy for you to get that ripped look you’ve been wanting.

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3. It Keeps Your Heart Health in Check

Strength training exercises are fantastic for your cardiovascular health. So that’s another advantage that tags along with dumbbell training. By doing 3-5 sets of 8-10 reps daily, you are distancing yourself from the risk of multiple heart diseases while strengthening your heart muscles! However, if you already have hypertension or any related conditions, don’t go so brisk with dumbbell training. Lift lighter weights and go slow.

4. It Improves Your Overall Physical Stability

Dumbbells are inherently unstable. As a result, your body naturally triggers and alerts all the stabilising muscles in order to avoid the chance of injury when training with them. It is in this way that dumbbell training exercises challenge and improves your overall body stability. Not just this, but it also helps you ace the right posture and body figure!

5. It Aids the Development of Bones

Sounds like the last of dumbbell training pros, right? But it’s actually true! Regular dumbbell training develops your bone density and saves you from tonnes of bone diseases, including osteoporosis. The weight puts your bones under stress and activates cells to form stronger, firmer bones. Quite an epiphany, we know.

Bottom Line…

In this blog, we rounded up a few benefits of dumbbell training, and all of them unanimously reveal one standing fact - it’s an all-rounder! So what are you waiting for? Bring out those dumbbells and put them to good use!

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Some Common FAQs:

Q. Can you build muscles with dumbbells only?

Ans. Yes - through regular exercising, it is possible to build muscles with dumbbell training only.

Q. How long does it take to build muscles with dumbbells?

Ans. Usually, beginners tend to see a noticeable difference after dumbbell training after eight to ten weeks. In the case of professionals, results become apparent within three to four weeks of dumbbell training only.

Q. What dumbbell weight should one start with?

Ans. Generally, it is advised that women should start with a set of two 5-10 pound weights while men can start with 10-20 pounds of the same.

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