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Condition those muscles! - 27th August, 2021

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Vyom Conditioning

When you first take your path into fitness, you are bombarded with a bunch of questions. These questions are essential.

Fitness isn’t just about becoming fit but understanding why fitness is necessary and why you do what you do. What goes on inside that body that you call home.

When you are working out, your body generates energy. This energy is produced in two ways: Aerobic (Through oxygen) and Anaerobic (Not through oxygen). This transfer of energy is what is known as the metabolism of the body.

When you do a short or moderate duration of exercise, your body creates energy through this Anaerobic process. In this state, your body burns energy through glucose( sugar) and glycogen. When you overuse it, it can cause lactic build up in your muscles; that is why your muscles burn after a certain period.

When you do a long duration of exercises, your body creates energy through Aerobic exercise. In the presence of adequate oxygen, your body can generate an almost endless amount of energy through burning fatty acids.

Every method of energy generation has its advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes your exercises are tailored to make you switch between these energy modes.

You can train your body so that the amount of energy you generate can be optimised. This makes sure that you do not fatigue quickly and can perform at peak conditions for a long time

This is known as conditioning.

By conditioning, it is meant that your body performs more work and less time is taken for it.

Your body's ability to perform any given task is improved. The exercises that you do is done in less time taken while you are able to run for longer distances, move weights for a greater time and perform at a higher physical peak.

At Vyom, we design our workout circuits such that your body is conditioned properly and can be utilised properly. So click the link below and head on over!

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