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What makes a strongman? - 25th August, 2021

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Vyom Weightlifting

When people think about fitness and getting “fit”, this is what they imagine they would be doing regularly.

Arnold showcased this in his famous Pumping Iron and created a madness of pumps from coast to coast.

When one thinks of Weightlifting, it is not the Olympic type of style that comes to mind but rather the commonly known form called Weight training.

In weight training, the load is progressively and increasingly added to grow muscle mass and strength.

When your body uses these weights to train small tears to appear on your muscles.

When these tears heal, your muscles become stronger and more prominent due to change in their very shape and ability to retain water.

Weight training not only makes you stronger physically, but it has also been shown to increase brain function, improve the immune system, reduce injuries that you get, and wounds heal faster.

At Vyom, we teach how to train your muscles for growth efficiently. We use compound movements used in Olympics like The Snatch, The Clean and Jerk, Deadlifts, and isolationists exercises like The dumbell curl, tricep extensions, lateral raises etc.

We make sure to explain why we teach you specific movements, their importance and their complexity.

So click the link below and head on over!

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