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To sleep, with love - 19th August, 2021

Updated: Aug 27, 2021


One of the most desired desires of us humans is the want to sleep. We often find ourselves thinking of sleeping or wanting to sleep.

Sleep is a very pleasurable experience. You can dream about bizarre stuff that is unique to your sleeping mind. When you wake up, you miss your bed and the warmth of that good old blanket.

When we sleep, many good things happen to our bodies- it rests, releases growth hormones, and dreams that you see help to make sense of emotional and physical experiences that your body had in the day. It makes us complete.

When you work out for any period of time your muscles suffer minute tears , when these tears are healed your muscles undergo growth. When you sleep your muscles experience this healing of the tears and also releases growth hormones in your body that enable the growth of newer tissues too, which in turn helps you achieve your potential.

Yet many of us, even though wanting to sleep, disregard it in a lot of ways. We do not respect our own set time for sleeping and hence miss out on the quality and quantity of sleep.

Fitness and sleep go hand in hand - one always enhances the experience of the other.

Why then run away from this healing experience? It's because we feel that the day wasn’t enough for us, but the day has passed, and it is okay to rest and let be for a while. You have earned it.

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